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Samyung Srg 1150 Service Manual 19 [2022-Latest]




• SRG-1150DN/1250DN/2150DN/2250DN manual download . Introduction ============ The solid-state sensor SRG-1150DN/1250DN/2150DN/2250DN is a video camera with the resolution of 1/2,000 sec. A super-clear lens is used to take sharp photos and videos in low-light conditions. It is a compact size and light weight. The SRG-1150DN/1250DN/2150DN/2250DN has a slim body design and comfortable handgrip, which makes it easy to handle. It is also splash proof and water resistant. It also has a voice recording function and a light amount adjustment function. This manual is designed to help you set up the SRG-1150DN/1250DN/2150DN/2250DN according to your personal preferences, and to use the camera's features. You can adjust the aperture, shutter speed, white balance, sound volume, voice recording, and light amount in a short time and easily. Setting the Scene Mode ====================== Here is a summary of how to use this manual. You will find an explanation on how to set up the scene modes, in accordance with the color temperature, light amount, and the size of the image captured. Setting the White Balance ------------------------- The white balance is set by adjusting the temperature of the white balance filter in the following three ways. 1. Pressing the WB button on the right side of the control panel to select the function. 2. After turning on the camera, press the WB button for a few seconds to enter the mode. 3. When using the camera in a temperature range of 8,000 K to 4,000 K, the exposure is good and the color is balanced when using the current white balance filter. When adjusting the white balance by moving the camera, remember that the temperature has already been set at 4,000 K. 2. In the viewfinder, the color is balanced by white balance when the temperature is set at the center. If the color looks off, move the camera to the right or left until the color in the center of the screen matches the color in the viewfinder. 3.



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Samyung Srg 1150 Service Manual 19 [2022-Latest]

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